Welcoming Our First Guests... A Journey Getting Here

(Written April 27, 2024)

Welcome Aboard Benjamin and Elias! On the evening of April 26th, our long-awaited guests had arrived from Toronto with our two extra pieces of luggage in tow. Thank you guys! 

It was definitely a process getting to this point, with the guys flying in via Heathrow and Neil and I sailing from Port Camargue (an 8 hour sail, Neil assured me, that ended up being a very roll-y 11 long hours).

Ben and Elias were due to meet us in Marseille on the evening of April 25th, but were unfortunately affected by the air traffic control system glitch at Heathrow a few days earlier, causing their flight from Heathrow to Marseille being canceled less than 12 hours prior to departure from Toronto. By the time this cancellation was discovered, Neil and I in Port Camargue were contemplating going to bed for our early start setting sail for Marseille the next day. But, we were also experiencing a bit of a delay as the bimini (the stainless steel structure & canvas covering that is over the cockpit to provide some shelter from the elements) were not finished on time as promised. The owner of the “selerie”, Mark, had his crew working overtime to get us on our way, until they all left for home and he was on his own to finish the job. Meanwhile, Neil and I were on the phone with customer service at British Airways trying to find a solution for the boys as the time ticked away. They were due to leave for Pearson in one hour. Panic was setting in on both sides of the Atlantic.

After connecting with 4 separate BA agents on Neil’s cell, while “What’s App-ing” Ben on mine, we were able to secure a solution, with the boys flying to Heathrow as planned that evening and then taking a flight from there to Marseille a day later than originally planned. At this point, it was one a.m. in France and we were so exhausted. How were we ever to get up and underway for our long journey by

5 a.m.? And then there was Mark. The poor guy was still working away outside, as he was determined to provide us with the finished product he had promised. We decided that the flight delay was actually a blessing in disguise, giving Mark a much needed extra day to complete his work. I’m not sure who was more relieved, Mark or me because I was finally able to go to bed! It was also a bonus for Ben and Elias as they were able to spend a day in London and tour some sights, while staying with Elias’s aunt overnight and saving us the cost of a hotel! 

So the plan was changed, as many great plans often are, and we would meet them in Marseille on April 26th. We all owe a huge thank you to MP for taking on the role of airport taxi driver and out of town mother to ensure that our two extra duffels were packed and that Ben was delivered to the airport on time. 

Mark, true to his word, was also able to deliver on time, finishing the interior cushions and the exterior bimini and dodger to our satisfaction and with great attention to detail. I’m sure we will be thrilled with both for many years to come.



  1. Hello to all! So great to have an update on how things are coming along! As they say, all good things come to those who wait! And wait you have! I'm so glad Ben and Elias made it safely with a bonus day in London. Now that you are finally together, I am sure you will have a wonderful sail together! Everything looks great on VikingBlod (including sweet Finnegan on his mat)! Keep the updates coming, I love hearing about your journey. Safe travels. Enjoy your time with Ben.

    1. Thanks Nora! We had a great time. Post #3 was just published!


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