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Calvi to Propriano - On a Mission

 May 6th to May 9th With our very good friends, Roger and Tama, flying in to Olbia, Sardegna to meet us on May 9th for a two week stay on the boat, we were on a mission to make it down to the southern tip of Corsica by May 8th and then on to the northern tip of Sardegna by the 9th. We were not entirely certain how or where they were going to join us aboard, but we had a couple of days to work it out. Rog and Tam were being very flexible with everything, knowing that we could promise them either a place to pick them up or a time to pick them up, but being at the mercy of the elements we could not promise both. Our plan worked out great, leaving Calvi to make our way along the east coast of Corsica on a beautiful sunny morning. We hoisted anchor in our sheltered anchorage, Golfe de la Revellata, leaving the turquoise water and reddish little jellyfish behind, to head south along the coast to a new anchorage to be determined as the day went on. The rock formations continued to impress, to


To be honest, when we broke anchor on May 5th at 4 a.m. in the bay at Antibes, I don’t think either one of us fully knew what to expect upon arrival in Corsica about 14 hours later, but the island did not disappoint! Our crossing of 93.5 nautical miles was fairly uneventful,  with little sailing and lots of motoring,  seeing only 4 other vessels the entire way (2 freighters, one large pleasure craft and a sailboat).  After hours and hours of quiet reflection, dozing off to the hum of the engine, eating (mainly due to a lack of much else to do) and conversation about our experiences thus far, excitement dawned as Neil saw the coastline rising up out of the sea with snowcapped mountains in the distance.  At first we thought we were imagining it and that in reality we were probably just seeing clouds on the horizon, but as time went on and we got closer, it was proven that our eyes did not deceive us. The landscape was incredible!   Along the way, we became mesmerized by what looked to be

Sailing the Coast of France & On to Corsica

Written: Saturday, May 4th, 2024 When Neil first attempted to sell me on the idea of packing up everything and buying a boat to sail, as he put it, “around the world”, he spoke of idyllic anchorages, sunny skies, breezy winds, and calm seas. Until today, we have experienced everything but!  We have had winds gusting to 40+ knots and wave heights up to 12 feet. But, VikingBlod pulled through! As I write today, our back porch is the walls around the old city of Antibes, France and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It is incredibly peaceful, especially after spending the past two nights in the marina at Port Vauban, Antibes where crews on board super yacht after super yacht are working to clean, polish, and prepare for the enjoyment of others. Many young people (twenty somethings) are walking the docks asking if boats need crew, hoping to experience a bit of the lifestyle of the wealthy. Ben and Elias left us this morning, taking the train to Nice where their plane has just t