Sharing the Good Times

Written: June 11, 2024 As I write, we are at anchor in a bay called Lefti in the Myrtoan (Myrtle) Sea at the island of Elafonisos, which is on the Elafonisos Strait. Where is this? The Elafonisos Strait connects the Ionian Sea on the western side of Greece with the Sea of Crete which is south of Athens. In reality, it is part of the Aegean Sea. We arrived here after spending a windy night in a crowded anchorage where we had to be creative to find room to anchor. The night before that we were tied up at the city quay in a place called Pylos.  Tomorrow we are making a 12 hour passage to the island of Mylos where we will begin to share our journey for two weeks with our friends Allan and Pierina when they arrive on Saturday. The beach, Ormos Sarakiniko, nearby the anchorage in Lefti was absolutely stunning. Apparently we had found “Paradise”. Turquoise water like we have never seen before and beautiful soft sand, stunning scenery. Looked pretty much like one version of paradise.  There wa

Long Passages

Two nights ago, on June 4th, we leave Porto delle Grazie in Roccella Ioncia. This will be our last port in Italy.   At 9:30 p.m., we surrender our “constituto” to the capitainerie de porto and leave the dock on a journey taking us across the Ionian Sea to the island of Ithaca in Greece. The total distance will be approximately 208 nautical miles, so at an average speed of 6 knots/hour, we expect it will take us 34 hours to get there. This will be the second overnight passage we have undertaken, with the first one being from an anchorage in Sardegna to the island of Ponza with Roger and Tama onboard. The difference this time is that we will be at sea for two nights. After a good discussion, we choose to leave at 9:30 p.m. because it will mean we will arrive at the anchorage in Vathy, Ithaca in the morning, which is preferable to arriving at night and having to anchor in the dark in an unfamiliar place. These overnight passages are not my favourite. We did do a couple of them in Lake Ont

Cala Lunga in Isola di Razzoli, Sardegna: May 10 - 12

As I continue to catch up on my blogs to bring us to present time, I am going to share with you our journey in Sardegna as we continued to explore the northeast of the island with Tama and Roger. Cala Lungo, Isola di Razzoli: Our first experience in the area of La Maddalena Islands was in an anchorage called Cala Lunga on Isola di Razzoli. This island is part of Italy, but is the closest one to Corsica. It was so gorgeous and peaceful that we decided to stay for two nights. On the first night we were alone and on the second night we only saw one or two other boats in the anchorage. During the day an occasional dinghy or two with a few people would arrive, spend some time on the beach or swimming and then leave. Tama and I were kept entertained while we hung out on the foredeck enjoying the sun. A group of two couples (probably late 20's or early 30's) put on quite a show for us as they played their music, sang aloud with their British accents, and danced and gyrated to Abba, re